Six to Start

Ununited Eurasia for Muse

A whirlwind one-week international treasure hunt spanning seven cities on three continents – Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Dubai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and New York – for supergroup Muse: Ununited Eurasia.

We worked with Muse and their management, Brontone, to produce an international treasure hunt in record-breaking time: from greenlight to live in one week, and a live treasure hunt lasting eight days. Taking direction from Matt Bellamy, we crafted a series of puzzles and challenges related to the geopolitical text The Grand Chessboard, taking the audience from Paris to New York through the rest of Eurasia, all the way unlocking portions of the band’s new single, United States of Eurasia.

With zero above-the-line advertising or marketing, Ununited Eurasia quickly caught the attention of fans worldwide, making an instantaneous impact.

The Numbers

  • 560,000+ visits in two weeks
  • 200,000+ unique visitors
  • Nearly 50,000 registered users in a single week
  • 2.7m pageviews
  • 6 minutes spent on site per session
  • Visitors from over 160 countries
  • 50,000+ downloads of an exclusive MP3, United States of Eurasia
  • Ununited States of Eurasia made trending topics on Twitter three times over the course of the week
  • Over 2 terabytes of data shifted in one week

The Community

  • Our games are fantastic at encouraging community fanbases, and Ununited Eurasia was no exception. Here’s a selection of what our audience did:
  • The Muse Supermassive Wiki: Ununited States of Eurasia
  • “Thank you Muse!” – “So as you may have seen in the other thread we’ve decided to find a way to thank Muse, Muse management, and Six to Start (UnUSE’s web designers) for coming up with such an awesome and inventive way of releasing and promoting United States of Eurasia. And also cause it’ll be fun. And everyone can get involved no matter where you live, as long as you can record and upload a video!”
  • Over two message boards and forums ( and muselive, the fan community wrote over 27,000 messages and generated over 730,000 message views)
  • Nearly 600 items in the Project United Eurasia Flickr pool and nearly 1200 members of the YouTube group


Six to Start

  • Dan Hon (Exec Producer)
  • Kim Plowright (Project Management)
  • Lisa Long (Logistics)
  • Robin Ray (Project Management)
  • Dean Vipond (Graphics)
  • Eric Harshbarger (Puzzle Design)
  • Phil Gyford (Development)


  • Sam Sparrow