Six to Start

Production Assistant Internship

This position has now been filled.

We’re looking for someone who can help us make Zombies, Run!, our best-selling running game and audio adventure, into an even better game than it is right now, by assisting our Audio Director during our intense winter season of audio recording and production.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to enter the games and creative industries. You will be given a high level of responsibility right from the start, but we will expect you to learn quickly and not make the same mistake twice.

Your responsibilities:

  • Managing casting and availability schedules
  • Managing actors during auditions and recording
  • Creating production scripts from writers scripts
  • Creating recording checklists
  • Data entry of recording information
  • Managing actor invoices and payments

You need to be:

  • A fast, accurate, grammatically correct and clear writer (if we find any spelling mistakes in your application - sorry!)
  • Hard working, diligent, and organised
  • Good at interacting with members of the public
  • Highly familiar with how Zombies, Run! works
  • Familiar with Macs, Skype, Google Docs, and basic HTML
  • Experience with Final Draft is a plus
  • Interested in games

Your application

This position has now been filled.

Send a plain-text email to internapps (at) with up to 300 words explaining why you would like to be an intern at Six to Start. We don’t require masses of experience, but anything you can show us that demonstrates your commitment and skill is good (e.g. a writing sample such as a game review).

Other requirements:

  • In your email, use the subject “2016 winter intern”
  • Attach a one-page CV as a PDF or as plain text (max 300 words) in your email
  • Also, please include in your email’s subject line the name of our previous location-based storytelling project for smartphones

The internship will take place during February to March 2016 for at least six weeks. It will pay London Living Wage. Interns will be expected to work 40 hours a week at our office by Gospel Oak/Kentish Town.

We expect a high volume of applications, so if we do not reply to your email, unfortunately this means that you have not been accepted (it may have something to do with not paying attention to the requirements above). We cannot respond to enquiries regarding the status of your application.

The application deadline is Monday 25 Jan. Shortlisted applicants should expect to be emailed on or before Wednesday 27 Jan.