Six to Start

Misfits for E4

We worked with Clerkenwell Films and Channel 4 to develop the Misfits Online Experience, a cross-platform campaign to promote E4’s BAFTA award-winning comedy drama Misfits.

In a UK television first, Misfits’ main characters were featured on Twitter and Facebook – often active and live during the programme’s broadcast as well as between shows. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr accounts and Youtube channels were all managed by Six to Start, and written and devised with Clerkenwell’s writers and producers.

We also created a hub for the Misfits Online Experience, and designed and developed seven exclusive panoramic scenes for each episode. Every week, the show’s audience could step into the world of Misfits and collect objects to unlock awards, extra story, and behind-the- scenes material. Ultimately, viewers could unlock a bonus game, bridging the way to hidden scenes and characters, with the final seventh scene acting as an exclusive online conclusion to the series.

The Numbers

  • 100,000+ fans for the brand-new Misfits Facebook page
  • 3,000+ tweets per hour during broadcast
  • Almost 1 million unique visitors to the Misfits website- more than the show’s viewing audience
  • At its peak, more online forum activity than ITV’s X Factor
  • Our strong social media content, with 22,000+ Twitter followers, encouraged viewing of follow-on episodes


Six to Start

  • Dan Hon (Exec Producer)
  • Kim Plowright (Producer, Project Management)
  • Robin Ray (Assistant Producer)
  • Claire Bateman (Junior Game Designer)
  • Jo Roach (Creative Consultant)
  • Antonio Gould (Producer, Sponsored Content)
  • Lisa Long (Finance)
  • Dean Vipond (Graphics)
  • Dave King (Photography)
  • Gary Moyes (Photography)
  • Phil Gyford (Technical Development)
  • Lee Maguire (Technical Operations)
  • Ben Edwards (Writing)
  • Sam Leifer (Writing)
  • Rose Heiney (Writing)
  • Roopali Sharma (Production Intern)

Clerkenwell Films

  • Petra Fried (Head of Drama)
  • Chloe Moss (Producer, Misfits Online)
  • Alice Lusher (Assistant Producer, Misfits Online)
  • China Moo Young (Director)

Channel 4 and E4

  • Louise Brown (Cross Platform Commissioner)
  • Camilla Marshall (Commissioning Editor, Drama)
  • Robert Wulff-Cochrane (Head of Development, Drama)
  • Jody Smith (Editor,
  • Sarah Rogers (Project Manager)
  • Paul Edwards (Technical Project Manager)
  • Layla West (
  • Jade Raad (Sponsorship Executive)
  • Sarah Martin (Marketing Manager, E4)
  • Andy Pipes (Digital Marketing Manager)