Six to Start

About Us

Founded in 2007, Six to Start is a smartphone fitness game developer based in the UK. Our flagship games include Zombies, Run! and The Walk, which have hundreds of thousands of active players.

In the past, we've created games and apps for companies like the BBC, Channel 4, Penguin Books, eBay, and Muse; and we've conducted research and development for Disney Imagineering, CBS Interactive, Microsoft, and the British Museum.

The Digital and the Physical

We create award-winning games that combine the digital and physical world. Zombies, Run! and The Walk use smartphone sensors to create immersive and motivating gaming experiences in the real world. We're always continually exploring new ways to harness the latest technology and sensors to create powerful and popular games and apps.

Health and Fitness

Six to Start are acknowledged world-leaders in the health and fitness gaming space. Zombies, Run! is the world's most successful smartphone fitness game ever, and our next game, The Walk, has been funded by the UK Department of Health and designed with and for the NHS. We know how to make fitness fun.

Storytelling and Play

We combine world-class storytelling with new technology to make unforgettable games and experiences. We draw inspiration from video games, boardgames, casual games and playful applications and services.

In the past, we’ve created transmedia experiences for shows like Misfits and Spooks: Code 9, playful storytelling experiences like We Tell Stories, Smokescreen and Young Bond: The Shadow War, and we’ve worked on top-secret projects for the BBC, Disney, CBS Interactive, and Microsoft XBox.