Six to Start

7-Minute Superhero Workout for Six to Start

Heroes aren't born — they're trained.

Combining innovative camera-based motion tracking with Six to Start’s signature immersive audio storytelling, 7 Minute Superhero Workout was a smartphone fitness game designed to motivate players to perform fast, high-intensity workouts at home. It was the world's first app that automatically tracked reps and calories for dozens of exercises: counting every push up, every squat, every hook and every jab so players could see exactly how fast they improved.

With 20 story missions in which players defend Earth against an alien attack, 12 energetic workouts (including the classic '7 Minute Workout' routine), and the interactive 'Battle Workout' mode, 7 Minute Superhero Workout made it easy and exciting to build strength, get fit, and lose weight.

Six to Start developed an unique in-house computer vision solution to allow 7 Minute Superhero Workout to track players’ reps using the front camera of a mobile phone. Working with a team of talented writers, Six to Start then designed a bespoke narrative structure to allow those tracked reps to tie directly into a science-fiction narrative. This level of gameplay integration took the company’s expertise in enriching fitness through narrative to the next level, creating an interactive, immersive experience unlike any in the solar system.

The technology developed for 7-Minute Superhero Workout would also go on to power Six to Start’s experimental free game Dungeon Runner, which was downloaded over 160,000 times on iPhone.

The Numbers

  • 40,000+ sales on iOS and Android
  • Over 400 minutes of fully-voiced audio sci-fi story


  • Motion Tracking Gameplay: First ever smartphone app to count every rep and every calorie of every exercise using the device's front-facing camera. Your punches become plasma blasts, and your ski jumps help you dodge enemy missiles!
  • Gripping Story: Six to Start’s signature immersive audio makes the player into the hero of their own story. They must defend Earth against alien invaders across 20 epic missions, each including ~20 min of high-intensity exercises. The story was specially created to match each workout, with every exercise having a role to play in saving the day.
  • Dynamic Workouts: Using its front-camera tracking as an input mechanism for player choices, 7-Minute Superhero Workout included a dynamic Battle Workout mode. This unique workout allowed players to choose their next exercise in real-time, creating the opportunity to customise the level of challenge they want to face.
  • Big Screen: Designed for use where players work out every day, 7-Minute Superhero Workout was optimised for Apple TV, and featured Google Chromecast support.


Six to Start

  • Adrian Hon: Lead Designer, Producer, Writer
  • Matt Wieteska: Lead Writer, Audio Director
  • Georgina Hulland-Brown: Assistant Producer
  • Pavel Dudrenov: Developer (iOS)
  • Mohsen Ramezanpoor: Developer (iOS)
  • Alex Primavesi: Developer (R&D)
  • Jeremy Stevens: Developer (Android)
  • Babu Madhikarmi: Developer (Android)
  • Mark Pittam: Sound Designer
  • Tim Edwards: Sound Designer
  • Rachael Acks: Writer
  • Richard Dennis: Writer
  • Tom Wateracre: Writer
  • Jacqui Davis: Art and Illustrations
  • Ben Miles: Composer
  • Sophie Baker: Office Manager
  • Dominik Wysocki: 3D Animations
  • Brad Porter: 3D Art, QA and Support
  • Lou Atherton: QA and Support
  • Estee Chan: Additional art
  • Jem Alexander: Additional writing
  • Alex Vincent: Voice Cast
  • Robert Bradley: Voice Cast
  • Gabby Wong: Voice Cast
  • Jeremy Drakes: Voice Cast
  • Anne Wittman: Voice Cast
  • Emily Wilden: Voice Cast
  • Nathan Nolan: Voice Cast
  • Rhys Jennings: Voice Cast
  • Amy Rockson: Voice Cast
  • Felix Trench: Voice Cast