Six to Start

Step Buy Step for Six to Start

Once You Step, You Just Can't Stop

A playful combination of step tracking software and incremental “Cookie Clicker”-style gameplay, Step Buy Step turned its players’ everyday walks into a fun, family-friendly adventure in a gorgeous cartoon world. The game tracks its players’ real-world steps, turning them into 'Stepps', an in-game currency used to expand their caravan of companions. Buying companions earns the player more Stepps for each step, until they’re crossing entire countries in a single stride!

Drawing inspiration from the classic “Around the World in 80 Days”, and with gorgeous cartoon graphics by Estee Chan, Step Buy Step brought dozens of adorable animal adventurers to life, and gave them five colourful challenges to journey through. Full-featured step-tracking paired with moreish incremental gameplay made Step Buy Step “The only pedometer you need”!

Step Buy Step was created to explore the potential of Six to Start’s work in fitness tracking to expand into the casual gaming space. With a focus on establishing a compelling core gameplay loop, Step Buy Step moved away from Six to Start’s narrative-focused approach to fitness, allowing a faster development cycle due to the reduced requirement for content creation.

Praised for its style and accessibility, Step Buy Step demonstrated Six to Start’s flair for compelling gameplay and rich visual design, above and beyond their expertise in fitness tracking technology.

The Numbers

  • One of The Guardian’s Top 20 iPhone apps of December 2014


  • Step Across The World: Step Buy Step doesn’t just track your steps, it makes them legendary. Throughout the game, you’ll build up your team of companions, each adding their steps to your own until you’re covering entire countries in a single stride!
  • Colourful Companions: From a faithful dog to a cloud of plankton, you’ll be using your Stepps to gather an unforgettable gang to help you on your adventures.
  • Gorgeous Graphics: Artist Estee Chan has created beautiful backdrops and characters, bringing your adventures to life as you race to beat Phileas Fogg’s challenges.


Six to Start

  • Adrian Hon: Producer
  • Alex Primavesi: Developer, Designer
  • Estee Chan: Artist
  • Georgina Hulland-Brown: Writer
  • Matt Wieteska: Writer
  • Sophie Baker: Writer
  • Jem Alexander: Writer
  • Brad Porter: Writer, QA and Support
  • Lou Atherton: QA and Support