Six to Start

Racelink for Charities

Racelink was an audio-driven virtual race platform for charities and for our own original races that operated from March 2017 to December 2019. Racelink turned running into a thrilling and motivating adventure, with immersive audio and fantastic race rewards.

Comprising a completely customisable sales website, a user portal for live leaderboards and run logs, and a free customisable app for iPhone and Android, Racelink was the most advanced virtual race platform of its time. Unlike other virtual races, entrants were immersed in a thrilling audio-driven story that progressed with every kilometer they ran.

We hosted events for some of the UK's biggest charities including:

The Racelink platform made it easy for us to reach runners around the world and provide custom rewards, T-shirts, tote bags, hoodies, and more for every race – including rebranding the Racelink app for each event.

While Racelink is no longer active, several of the events have migrated to the Zombies, Run! New Adventures platform.


Six to Start

  • Adrian Hon: Lead Designer, Producer
  • Claire Knight: Lead Developer
  • Steven Veltema: Senior Mobile Developer
  • Stephen Charman: Senior Mobile Developer
  • Alex Benini: Senior Mobile Developer
  • Darek Ciesla: Mobile Developer
  • Bartek Niemtur: Full Stack Web Developer
  • Matt Wieteska: Audio Director
  • Mark Pittam: Audio Engineer
  • Kascha Sweeney: Artist
  • Sophie Baker: Office Manager
  • Sabrina Greenberg-James: Office Manager
  • Ranjani Natarajan: Producer
  • Lulu Kadhim: Producer
  • Brad Porter: Producer
  • Lou Atherton: Producer