Six to Start

Announcing ZRX, a new fitness adventure

Six to Start has been quietly working on something special. We’re pleased to introduce ZRX.

Powered by the same award-winning engine as Zombies, Run!, ZRX will feature thrilling interactive fitness adventures from brands you know and love. It’s designed for runners, joggers, and walkers of all ages and abilities. Whoever you are, ZRX is for you.

From loyal Zombies, Run! veterans to those who are just discovering our unique immersive storytelling, ZRX is the ultimate way to kick-start and stick to an exercise routine.

ZRX is a game-changer for Six to Start. It’ll host the future of the Zombies, Run! saga for years to come, while opening the door to amazing new worlds, partnerships, and features. Rest assured - we’re going to take good care of our loyal Abel Township residents.

In the coming months, we’ll be revealing more about ZRX through exclusive looks behind the scenes. We hope you’ll share our excitement about our innovative new app!

Turn your workouts into an adventure with ZRX.

Launching Summer 2023 on iPhone and Android. Learn more at