Six to Start

Mobile Developer

  • Location: Remote (ideally Europe/Asia)
  • Type: Full Time
  • Experience: Intermediate to Experienced

We’re hiring an Android or iOS/Android native developer to join our existing team of two iOS and two Android developers and help us add new functionality and gameplay to our flagship app Zombies, Run!, as well as help us iterate on our other apps.

Zombies, Run! combines innovative real-world interaction and gameplay with captivating stories and design. It’s been selected as Editor’s Choice by Apple and Google multiple times, and praised for its innovation. We have over 10 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of active users. In short, we make exercising fun for a lot of people!

We want to find someone who can help us maintain and improve our existing apps and develop new experiences that are just as revolutionary.

As a Mobile Developer at Six to Start, you will be primarily responsible for sustaining and improving our mobile apps including Zombies, Run! and The Walk. You’ll work with a fully remote development team and be able to make an impact straight away.

About Us

We make content for absolutely everyone

At Six to Start we believe in everyone's right to exist and be seen. We tell diverse stories in our app with caring, idealistic characters that our players love. Our workplace reflects this mission with our commitment to equality, inclusion and mutual support.

We are not a startup

We think "hustle" is code for overwork. From the way we plan projects onward, we do everything we can to ensure people work 40 hours a week even in release-heavy months. We also support part-time working and extra flexibility for meeting needs and challenges like caring for others, crisis and personal health.

We’re fully remote

We went fully remote in 2018, well before the pandemic. Most of us are based in the UK, where the company started and we also have people in Japan, Greece, Morocco and Australia. Despite not seeing each other in person, we foster a strong team dynamic and encourage social interactions with things like clubs, quarterly company “unconferences” and open communication between teams.

We prefer stable software and established patterns

We consider a clever solution to be one that takes less code and effort than anticipated, rather than something that no-one has ever seen before. The best documentation is the documentation we don't even have to write, because someone else already wrote it.

About the job

You’ll be joining our mobile development team to help us creating and sharing in the responsibility for the next evolution of the Zombies, Run! app. This will mean collaborating with our engineering teams on: - Improving the user experience and overall quality of our existing apps with an eye for simplicity, accessibility, and maintainability. - Designing, developing and delivering exciting new features. - Expanding internationalisation and localisation support of our apps, bringing them to even wider audiences.

Our Android app has been built entirely using Kotlin as the language, our code is in Github and we use for our CI/CD pipelines.

We expect all team members to:

  • Be fluent in English, have strong interpersonal communication skills, and be available on Slack during core work hours (9am-12pm UK time)
  • Be able to get up and running with unfamiliar technologies
  • Be willing to work on both Android and iOS and participate in code review to help elevate everyone's programming skills
  • Be detail oriented in both design and implementation of product features.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Coordinating across Android and iOS to maintain feature and functional parity across platforms.
  • Participating in feature design and engineering planning discussions.
  • Contributing to the improvement of internal workflows and processes.

About You

You’ll be passionate about software engineering, building sustainable applications, and continually improving our practices and technology. Any exposure to and knowledge of iOS development would be an added bonus and we also have an iOS application built using Swift and SwiftUI.

Please apply for this job if you:

  • Have experience writing native, production ready Kotlin code with published apps currently in store.
  • Have experience with ReactiveX, observable streams, coroutines or similar.
  • Have experience in mobile software internationalisation and localisation.
  • Are familiar with any two of our industry standard tools:
    • Android Studio and Kotlin
    • git, and either GitHub or GitLab
    • JIRA, or similar "ticket-based" workload management
    • Bitrise, or similar continuous integration
    • Have a passion and capacity for learning

We are especially keen to hear from applicants who:

  • Have some experience with iOS development and Xcode
  • Have some experience with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile
  • Are experienced in UI/UX design and implementation
  • Have experience with automated testing
  • Are from communities historically underrepresented in tech
  • Care about building and maintaining equality and inclusion in our workplace and product

Our pay range is £70,000 to £85,000 GBP dependent on experience.

How to Apply

Get in touch at hello AT with the subject Mobile Developer and your CV attached. No recruitment agencies.