Six to Start

Freelance Writer

Six to Start is currently in the early production stages of a new fitness game, and we’re looking for writers to join our team on a freelance basis. The new game will be action-heavy, with the emphasis being placed on fast-paced dialogue and a thrilling plot. It shares some similarities with our previous game Zombies, Run! but will have many significant differences.

We’re looking for writers with an excellent ear for dialogue, an impeccable understanding of story and character, and the ability to produce first-class scripts to a tight deadline. If you fit that description, we’d love to hear from you!

To be considered for the team, please send the following to, cc’ing

  1. A cover letter explaining why you’d like to write for Six to Start and listing any prior writing experience.

  2. An up-to-date CV.

  3. A sample of your writing. Scripts are preferred, but other formats are accepted so long as they demonstrate your ability to write exciting, action-oriented dialogue and your strong sense of character. Samples should be submitted in PDF or Final Draft Format only, and should be no longer than three pages.