Six to Start

We Want You! (a Lead Developer, that is)

You hear companies throw around the word 'passion' a lot these day. They might be 'passionate' about providing great fast-food, or 'passionate' about good customer service. Statistically, it's unlikely that they can all be truly passionate, simply because passion is a rare quality, and it's not something you can merely conjure up at the press of key.

A person with a passion - whether that's for music or beekeeping or sailing - isn't just interested in what they do. It's not just a hobby. It's something they must do, something that they think about whether they try to or not. They might have plenty of other interests and hobbies, but they always come back to their passion because they have a drive for it that, ultimately, defies any reason.

But passion on its own isn't enough; in order to create something lasting and meaningful, it needs to be combined with perseverence. It's this combination that provides the energy and the stamina for a writer to keep trying, despite rejection after rejection, or a musician to continue practicing, for weeks and months and years. And it's this combination that we're looking for now, because Six to Start is growing.

We're looking for a full-time lead developer who shares out passion for games and storytelling. We want someone who can help us create amazing experiences, both for our clients and for our own original projects. We currently focus on browser-based games and the iPhone, but we're always eager to work on whatever platform or media that allows us to create the most powerful and most popular experiences.

And we realise that the type of person we're looking for will be full of their own ideas for games and projects and experiments. We want to help you make those games, because we don't care about where the ideas for our games come from - we just want to make them a reality.

That's the really important part - and here's the standard information:

Our ideal candidate would be:

  • Passionate about creating browser-based and iPhone games with great storytelling and world-building
  • Eager to build a team and to lead the development effort
  • Smart about creating tools that can be used across multiple games
  • Interested in working on range of projects including agency work and original games
  • Happy to liaise with creative designers and clients, and serve as the technical architect for projects
  • Eager to foster a robust development process
(Experience) You have:
  • Developed (and ideally participated in the design of) browser-based or iPhone games in the past
  • Run or worked with a team of developers, artists, and writers
  • Interfaced with creative teams and project management to work through technical solutions for gameplay issues
  • Experience managing contractors and outsourced resources
  • Familiarity with analytics and reporting tools
  • Experience with iPhone or Facebook game development (desirable)
  • Entrepreneurial or startup experience (desirable)
  • Experience with clients and executing client work (desirable)


  • A wide breadth of development experience; you understand both back-end and front-end development and are comfortable with looking after live, deployed projects
  • Solid and expert development skills; able to create prototypes quickly and turn into working games. In other words, you're a quick learner
  • Languages: PHP, CSS/HTML, Java, Python, Perl, C/C++, Javascript
  • Relational database design, setup, & optimization (MySQL)
  • System administration skills in Unix, Windows, and Mac (desirable)


Compensation is dependant on experience, but will be a combination of salary and equity.  We offer a relaxed dress code, plenty of tea and biscuits, and a Group SIPP for employee pensions.


If you're interested or want more information, please contact us at