Six to Start

Six to Start visits Grubtown

Have you heard of Grubtown? It's the home of Beardy Ardagh (the beardiest man of all, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise), Jilly Cheeter (duck-gatherer), Mango Claptrap (shorts-wearer), Smoky's Cinema and an Aquarium and Carwash. That's right. An Aquarium AND a Carwash. Not separately, but together.

We've teamed up with our friends at Faber and Faber to launch Visit Grubtown, a new website from Grubtown's Tourist Board, that features six Grubtown locations and a special new Grubtown Story: Grubtown and the Golden Pineapple.

But that's not all: we've also built The Grubtown Daily Herald, a fun way to involve fans in the Grubtown universe by submitting news articles, restaurant and film reviews. We're even teaming up with our friends at Newspaper Club to give children the fantastic chance of having their work published in a limited-edition 16-page printed edition of the Grubtown Daily Herald, gathering the best stories from the five weeks, as selected by Philip Ardagh.