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Six To Start hires Bryan Hill as new CEO

Award-winning online games company Six To Start hires Bryan Hill as new CEO

Bryan Hill was formerly Senior Vice President of video company Fifty Lessons and prior to that, spent nine years in various senior positions at visual imagery giant Getty Images.

Adrian Hon, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Six to Start said, "Previously, we split the CEO role across three of us in the company but eventually we realised this wasn’t tenable. We spent over six months to find the right person - someone with real senior management experience, a great background in digital and IP, and a good understanding of the creative process. In Bryan Hill, we found that person."

Bryan Hill said, "Six to Start has already gained critical and client acclaim for the work they’ve produced for companies like Channel 4, Wired magazine, and the BBC.  They have a great reputation in their sector; I’m looking forward to taking the company to the next level in its growth and to the development of our own IP. It’s an exciting time to be working in this area. Companies are increasingly trying to figure out new effective ways of building and engaging online communities, whether they are on free to air platforms or behind the paywall. Online social gaming is becoming an increasingly important tool in the marketing mix and we look forward to continuing to be at the forefront of its development and use.

About Six to Start

Six to Start is an award-winning online games company, specialising in browser-based social games. We've worked with clients including the BBC, Channel 4, Penguin, Warner Music, the National Maritime Museum, and Disney, to design, build and run online games. Our games have social interaction built-in, with players sharing their achievements and experiences with friends via Facebook and Twitter.

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