Six to Start Doctor Who Adventures - and the future of cross-platform entertainment

After BBC's announcement for a Dr Who tie-in video game, The Guardian investigates about new narratives and platform cross-overs. Our involvment with Channel 4 on the Misfits and Smokescreen Projects are mentionned. Adrian comments on both projects:

"It was obvious to E4 that they should do something online," says chief creative, Adrian Hon. "It's a young audience – the Skins audience – and a genre show. If you want to engage with these people and get them excited, you have to do it online. We worked with E4 to figure out the sort of community and experience that would really get people engaged, and to get fans of the show doing more stuff.

"The core of it was a website where you could get exclusive content and play games related to that week's episode. The element that people were really interested in was the social stuff where we tweeted as the characters both during the show and between shows. Simon had a Facebook feed where he put up content – it was the first time a UK broadcaster had done that."

He has then hinted at some issues regarding social viewing, interactivity and web functionality:

"If I was the BBC I'd think it was really smart to start doing enhanced iPlayer shows, so you have your window showing video from the programme, then you've got other stuff going on around it.

"The big problem is keeping up with all this. Imagine if you're watching Lost and you have to keep up with one guy's Facebook and someone else's twitter feed – it's too much of an effort. It needs to be, push one button and it happens. I wouldn't be surprised if something like that came out of the US soon, something for young adults like MTV or Nickleodean. That would be a smart move – something truly, truly cross-media …"

Full article is available here