Six to Start

Be a paid intern at Six to Start!

At Six to Start, we're worked with a number of interns over the years, and we've found it to be a great experience for everyone involved; we're able to provide interns valuable experience of game development in a real working environment, and for our part, we value the new ideas that interns bring.

So we're very pleased to offer a six-week paid internship, beginning in October. We're looking for smart people who are interested in making social and story-based online games. You must be able to demonstrate experience of having worked on games in the past, whether you helped make a big game, or worked on your own in your spare time, and we're particularly interested in:

  • Front and back-end web developers
  • Game designers
  • Artists and graphic designers (aimed at games)

You'll be paid £1300 before tax, and because this position is made possible by the Funded Graduate Internship Scheme at Ravensbourne, you must have graduated from a UK university within the last two years (including BAs, MAs, and PhDs). We'll also expect you to work from our office in Vauxhall, London.

During the internship, you'll work with our team on developing and running live projects, helping create concepts for new projects, and coming along to pitch and client meetings. In other words, you won't be just making the tea and photocopying - see what our previous interns say! In return, we'll need you to be reliable, highly motivated, and very hard-working.

How to Apply

If you'd like to apply for the internship, please email us at by Monday August 23rd with:

  • Examples of your work (e.g. a game design, a story, artwork, a demo, etc.)
  • An email talking about the work you've sent us - what it's about, why you made it, why it works/doesn't work
  • A CV (two pages maximum)

We may then invite you for a phone or in-person interview.

Please do not call us or email us separately. We're expecting a lot of applications and we won't be able to respond or give feedback to everyone, so if you don't hear back from us by Friday August 27th, then unfortunately you haven't been accepted.


  • Your degree, A-levels, and GCSEs are much less important than any work that you can show us, whether that's a demo game or sample writing or artwork. We want to know what you can do.
  • It's a good idea to know the sort of company you're applying to. Have a look at our previous games and projects to see if you're the right fit - not everyone is.
  • We're just as interested in failure as we are in success. Have you tried making a game, but it wasn't perfect? Well, so have we.
  • Spelling and grammar actually matter.