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Announcing the Last Word Challenge

We’re proud to announce that we’ve launched our latest project - The Last Word Challenge. Developed with New Scientist and Profile Books, The Last Word Challenge is the Ultimate Science Quiz, featuring over 100 questions from the popular book series, including all new material from the upcoming “Why Can’t Elephants Jump?”. But this isn’t just a series of fascinating and hilarious quizzes. The Last Word Challenge also features an innovative quiz creator to make the challenge your own. Compiling a quiz from our question database is only the beginning; we’re also giving you the option to write your own incorrect answers, all the better to trick and tease your friends. What’s more, there’s a prize for the creator of the most popular quiz, hand-picked by the team at New Scientist. We’re really excited about this project, and it has been an absolute blast to put together. Give it a try, create your own quiz, share it with friends, and remember to check back every Friday for new quizzes!