Six to Start

Smokescreen Beta and Press

Our next big game, Smokescreen, is launching next month, but you can check out the beta right now by visiting the site and getting an invitation. We've been working on the game since the start of the year (and thinking about it for even longer), so we're really looking forward to seeing what people think of it. There's already been some great reaction from people like The Escapist and YPulse, and when the rest of the 13 missions are released, we think there'll be even more to talk about.

We'll also be talking more about the inspiration behind Smokescreen, and the many design decisions we made during production. It's a very different type of game - sometimes it feels like an ARG, sometimes it feels like a console game, sometimes it feels like interactive fiction - and our aim has been to mix the best elements of them all into a game that's incredibly immersive, accessible, rewarding and deep.

Anyway, enough from me - you'll be able to judge for yourself in just three weeks when the (very varied) missions starting coming out!