Six to Start

PSFK Good Ideas Salon - London

We're taking part in PSFK's fantastic Good Ideas Salon series on Friday 30 January. Sign up here at the Eventbrite page, and find out more info from PSFK.

Here's the panel we're on:

2.10 PANEL: GOOD IDEAS IN MOBILE  Growing mobile everpresence is unveiling new, exciting ways for us to explore, work, and play. Led by moderator Piers Fawkes (PSFK), mobile experts Mike Butcher (Journalist/Mbites), Dan Hon (Six to Start), Matt Jones (Dopplr), and Jonathan MacDonald (Ogilvy) will examine the diverse opportunities developing at the intersection of mobile, location and the web. 

... and here's the line-up:

Kevin Anderson \ Blogs Editor \\ The Guardian
Mike Butcher \ Journalist \\ Mbites Richard Banks \ Interface Designer \\ Microsoft
Coralie Bickford-Smith \ Designer \\ Penguin Matt Brown \ Editor \\ Londonist
Pat Connor \ Vision Executive\\ BBC
Mark Earls \ Author \\ Herd Jeremy Ettinghausen \ Director of Digital \\ Penguin
Piers Fawkes \ Trends Analyst & Founder \\ PSFK Paul Graham \ Partner \\ Anomaly UK
Amanda Gore \ Trends Consultant \\ PSFK
Terry Guy \ Founder \\ Monorex\Secret Wars Matt Hardisty \ Founder \\ Analog Folk Dan Hon \ Founder \\ Six To Start Sophie Howarth \ Founder \\ School Of Life Matt Jones \ Founder \\ Dopplr Cameron Leslie \ Founder \\ fabric\matter
Jonathan MacDonald \ Senior Consultant \\ Ogilvy
Kate Moross \\ Designer 
Colin Nagy \ Partner \ Attention Colin Nightingale \ Creative Director \\ Punchdrunk \ Founder \\ Gideon Reeling Jenny Owen \ Founder \\ Ruby Pseudo Christian Nold \\ Artist Justin Quirk \ Associate Editor \\ FHM Nicolas Roope \ Founder \\ Hulger\Poke Taryn Ross \ Founder \\ Urban Junkies
Eva Rucki \ Founding Partner \\ Troika Design Jeff Squires \ Trends Consultant \\ PSFK
Simon Waldman \ Director of Digital \\ The Guardian Paul Andrew Williams \ Film Director \\ Steel Mill Pictures
I've only been to one PSFK event before, but it was absolutely fantastic. It was out of a PSFK event that Six to Start met Penguin and We Tell Stories was born, and PSFK have the video up from my previous talk about ARGs - ARGs at PSFK London.