Six to Start

Being Harry Potter, While You Walk to Work W

Dan Hon is building a radical new future for one of humanity's oldest activities - the telling of stories. The modest young UK CEO's design company Six to Start won Best in Show at this week's SXSW Web Awards. The company's project, called Telling Stories, is a six part experiment with the book publisher Penguin.

Hon's vision of the future is sci-fi influenced, cross-platform and web-native. He mocks the "urban games" of online hipsters but believes there will soon be a layer of "Harry Potter ether" that we can dip in and out of while we're walking to work.

I talked with Hon on a plane ride away from SXSW. He was on his way to the Canadian equivalent, Interactive '09.

Written by Marshall Kirkpatrick / March 18, 2009 11:43 AM /