Six to Start

Adrian's on The Krypton Factor

This post is probably only going to be relevant - or meaningful - to a small subsection of our audience. Namely, those who're of a certain age and remember The Krypton Factor, that wonderful 80s challenge-based gameshow aimed at uncovering superhumans. Or, that is, people who have good maths, cognitive skills, can run through an assault course (that includes a zipline!), land a plane on an aircraft carrier and remember things.

Well. It's back: since the new year, ITV have been showing a brand new series of The Krypton Factor - check out the programme's new homepage - and we're very happy to announce that our very own Adrian Hon is taking part tonight. Look - here's his contestant video!

We'll be live-twittering the show tonight - it's on at 7:30pm on ITV1 - on our Six to Start account, SixtoStart.