Six to Start

Six to Start joins PSFK's Purple List

The Purple List

PSFK introduced The Purple List earlier this month. In their own words:

At PSFK, we’re trying to find more ways to spread inspiration to help companies change to make things better. One way is to help them find the right people in the right place for the right job. Introducing The Purple List - a network of 100 of our trusted contacts. The Purple List is a community of trends and innovation professionals who can help you with projects big and small, full time or ad-hoc. There’s no longer a need to find inspiration from the other side of the world by hiring a big local agency - simply contact a member of The Purple List.

One of the first projects we helped PSFK out on was having Amanda and Christine bring over a couple of representatives from Apple - Harriet DeVoy, Creative Director for Apple Europe, and Danika Cleary Lasuzk, one of Apple Graphic Design Planners over to our new offices so we could talk a little about what we do, ARGs, big games, and how fantastic the iPhone could be as an ARG platform (and we're not the only ones to think so, either - GigaOm thinks Perplex City would've been fantastic on the iPhone). For all that Apple do, though, they're tremendously conservative in their communications (not for want of people like Harriet and Danika trying, though) but it was a great opportunity being able to get them excited about the ways in which gaming and ARGs in particular help connect brands with audiences.

We're really, really proud to have been invited to join PSFK's Purple List European network - we're in tremendous company and it's great recognition from PSFK to be part of their network. Thanks, Piers!