Six to Start

Out and about: SXSWi 2008

I'm speaking at SXSW Interactive this year on a panel co-organised by myself and Rachel Clarke - Stories, Games and Your Brand. The esteemed Roo Reynolds and Jeremy Ettinghausen (who's leading the Penguin Books side of a project we're doing) will be joining us, and we'll be covering such diverse topics as:

  • advertising and gaming
  • soap operas
  • virtual worlds
  • storytelling and engaging experiences
  • brands engaging in entertainment
  • gaming versus advergaming

and a whole host more.

As Rachel points out, we're a very English panel (it's like an invasion), so here are some suggestions for why you might want to come along:

  • no one can resist that English accent, never mind four of them
  • we're scheduled against Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook
  • all the cool kids have moved on from Facebook already
  • we're making an amusing bet about how many times we can not mention Facebook seeing as we're scheduled against Facebook. Facebook.

It'll be fun - come see us - Sunday March 9, 2pm, Room 8.