Six to Start

Another appearance: ARGs in Charity and Education

Adrian's going to be speaking at the ARGs in Charity and Education one-day conference on Friday 5th December. Here're the details:

On Friday 5th December, the world's first conference on ARGs in Charity and Education will be held in London. With sessions and panels by leading ARG designers, academics and educators in the field, this conference is an exceptional introduction to 'serious ARGs'. For developers and commissioners of ARGs, it's a great chance to learn about recent games and developments in the UK and around the world, and to network with key players.

Visit for more information.

Speakers include:

  • Alice Taylor (Channel 4 Commissioning Editor, Education)
  • Philip Trippenbach (BBC Current Affairs)
  • Adrian Hon (Six to Start, Let's Change the Game)
  • Juliette Culver (Law 37, Operation Sleeper Cell)
  • Alex Moseley (University of Leicester)
  • More to be announced soon!

This event is organised by Let's Change the Game and Law 37, in aid of Cancer Research UK. All profits will go to Cancer Research UK. We would like to thank Channel 4 for donating a venue for this conference.