Six to Start

The start of something new

Lots happening at Six to Start HQ this week. We're saying hello to:

  • Ben Burry, who's our new lead developer
  • Naomi Alderman, who's come on as lead writer for one of our projects

I say one of our projects - we're actually working on two at the moment. One's uber-top-double-super-secret, and the other is about the same level of secrecy (the concept doc has the requisite 'read this, and we'll gouge your eyes out with a spoon' warning) but with Channel 4 and has us rather terribly excited because we're working with Alice Taylor and Matt Locke over at Channel 4.

To give you some idea of why we're so terribly excited about what we're doing with Channel 4, the first time we met with Matt, one of the things he said he wanted to do was find out what our perfect project would be. So this is that.

Anyway. Back to work. More from us later, I expect, and Ben wants me to get on with publishing this entry so we can migrate servers.

Oh, and we can't tell you about the other project. Too super secret, as I said, you see.