Six to Start

Let's Change the Game

Six to Start-ers Adrian and James are both working on a campaign with Cancer Research UK called Let's Change the Game:

Let’s Change the Game is a competition to design an ARG (alternate reality game) to help the work of Cancer Research UK. The winning designers will receive funding to develop and run their game, and will be mentored by some of the best ARG designers in the world. Entry is open to anyone who wants to enter.

which, I think you'll agree (and I'm not being biased in anyway) is pretty damn cool. There's a prize that's running at £1,300 as of the time of this post, and if you're American, then that's probably half a million dollars by now. Adrian's managed to put together a great panel of judges who're all pretty much the leading lights of the ARG scene so there's an opportunity for some fantastic feedback as well as designing a game that could potentially have a big effect on society.