Six to Start

Dungeon Runner for Six to Start

After developing its unique front-camera rep-tracking technology for 7-Minute Superhero Workout, Six to Start looked to experiment with different types of gameplay; both to take advantage of its innovation, and to explore a more rapid, iterative design and development process.

Drawing inspiration from the popular “endless runner” genre of mobile games, Dungeon Runne” challenged players to traverse a stylised 8-Bit dungeon, completing various bodyweight exercises to defeat monsters, break down gates and unlock treasure chests.

Dungeon Runner also marked Six to Start’s first foray into the ad-supported free-to-play space. This business model played into the game’s nostalgic visual design and emphasis on casual gameplay, with the aim of appealing to a wider audience that traditional fitness apps in order to maximise ad impressions and inspire growth through word of mouth.

The Numbers

  • 160,000+ downloads


  • Classic Arcade Design - Dungeon Runner’s 8-bit art style and arcade-inspired endless runner gameplay allowed the game to appeal to a broad audience, resulting in over 160,000 downloads on iPhone. Rep Tracking - Using Six to Start’s innovative motion tracking technology, Dungeon Runner tracked its players reps and calories automatically with their device’s front-facing camera.
  • Procedural Workouts - Dungeon Runner dynamically created workouts for its players as they progressed through its levels. With different enemies and challenges requiring different exercises to defeat, no two workouts were the same.
  • Apple TV - Dungeon Runner was optimised for Apple TV, bringing the adventure to the big screen with ease while players place their device in the best position for tracking.


Six to Start

  • Adrian Hon: Executive Producer, Game Designer
  • Brad Porter: Producer, Game Designer, Sound Designer, Writer
  • Estee Chan: Artist
  • Lou Atherton: Producer, QA, Writer
  • Mohsen Ramezanpoor: Developer