Six to Start

Our Team

Adrian Hon

CEO and Founder

Since 2007, Adrian has overseen the creation of all of Six to Start’s main projects, including Zombies, Run!, We Tell Stories, and Smokescreen, and its research and development projects with clients including Disney Imagineering, the British Museum, and Microsoft. Adrian is also responsible for new concept and product development at Six to Start across a range of media including smartphones and the web.

Adrian is one of the world’s leading online and alternate reality game designers, having been influential in the genre since its birth. Previously, Adrian was Director of Play at Mind Candy, where he designed and produced the Perplex City ARG. Some of the venues at which Adrian has spoken include TED, Google, GDC, Nordic Game and the Montreal Games Summit.

Adrian previously studied neuroscience at the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, and the University of California at San Diego. Adrian is the author of A History of the Future in 100 Objects and has written about technology for The Telegraph.

Matt Wieteska

Producer and Audio Director

Matt joined Six to Start in 2009, starting as an intern on their award-winning project Smokescreen. Currently, he works primarily on Zombies, Run!, for which he directs and manages the game's audio content, along with writing the popular "Radio Abel" segments of the game. Previously, he was the lead designer for The Code, produced by Six to Start for the BBC in 2011, and for the Enigma Challenge, produced by for Wired UK in 2010.

Prior to joining Six to Start, Matt studied English Literature and Classics at the University of Edinburgh, with a focus on the development of theatre and on gender theory. During his time at Edinburgh, Matt was an active member of the Edinburgh University Theatre Company, managing its Bedlam Theatre for the Fringe Festival in 2007 and directing eleven successful plays, alongside having four of his original scripts produced as part of the company's regular output.

An avid player of both Poker and Android: Netrunner, Matt wishes he was better at both, but will never refuse a game of either. Writing his dissertation on Philip K. Dick has ensured he never quite believes what is happening to him, which is probably a good thing.

Marcel Cutts

Web Developer

Babu Madhikarmi

Android Developer

Mohsen Ramezanpoor

iOS Developer

Jeremy Stevens

Android Developer

Estee Chan

Lead Artist

Estee joined the team in 2010 via Channel 4's 4Talent scheme, and has since produced and took part in the artwork and graphics for all of Six to Start's projects to date - from the humble beginnings of working for various clients through to major projects such as The Code for the BBC and our bestselling Zombies, Run! series. Being the only artist in the team and often working on three or more projects at the same time (she takes pride in that), she now leads in art, working with some amazing contract artists from around the globe.

Before joining Six to Start, she previously worked at Square-Enix and Gamewax after graduating from universities with a BA (1st Hons) Computer Games Design and an MA Digital Games Theory & Design. Game degrees were a few and excitingly-new at her time and so she jumped on them straight after finishing her A-Levels! When not doing games, she enjoys catching up on her favourite animes and mangas, studying Kyūdo (Japanese archery) and doing bizarre illustrations at night.

Lou Atherton

Customer Support and QA

Lou started out at Six to Start answering support queries part-time, but with the launch of Zombies, Run! 2 she moved into doing QA as well as support, and now does both 5 days a week.

Originally training as a teacher, Lou decided to follow her heart instead and pursue a career in media. She started out as a runner in a sound recording studio working mainly on video games (and is even in one as some baby fairies!) before moving on to Six to Start. Lou has a BA Hons in Film Studies and Linguistics from Oxford Brookes University.

When she’s not doing something vaguely nerdy Lou likes to read and write stories, sing in choirs and try to copy recipes off MasterChef with varying success.

Sophie Baker

Office Manager

Brad Porter

Customer Support and QA

Tim Cooke


Tim holds a portfolio of Non-Executive Chairmanships and Directorships and is currently Chairman of Six to Start Ltd and Clarinet Ltd. He is also a Non Executive Director of Harmonic, a defence consulting company, and a Venture Partner to NESTA. Tim has worked in senior levels in media, software, and IT services companies throughout his working life.

Tim has a Chemistry MA and DPhil from Oxford University and an MTech from Brunel University. He was an early employee with Logica, where he held numerous senior management positions in the UK and overseas. He was later Managing Director of Oxford Molecular Group plc and floated this software based drug design and genomics company. He has also floated Intelligent Environments plc, the London stock market’s first internet company. Read more about Tim at his LinkedIn profile.

Jo Goodson

Non-executive Director

Jo has over 20 years’ experience in a range of media and software businesses both as an Executive and a Non-Executive Director. In 1998 Jo co-founded Mediagold. The company had offices in the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany and gave US software publishers access to the European market place. The UK company experienced high growth and solid profitability between 1998 and 2003 and the business was sold to French company Avanquest at the end of 2003. After leaving Avanquest, Jo continued to work with the Board on M&A projects and also worked as interim COO for Ariadne Capital.

Prior to MediaGold, Jo ran the European Sales Division for the highly successful US consumer publisher Broderbund. She was the second employee of the company and took it from start-up to £12million in revenue in two years. Previously, Jo was involved with a number of companies working with different emerging technologies and chaired the British Interactive Multimedia Association (BIMA). Read more about Jo at her LinkedIn profile.

Lisa Long

Non-executive Director